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Canadá 34 - Portugal 18

O jogo vai ser transmitido por volta da 1 hora da manhã no site do Canadá:

Escócia 31 . Irlanda 21

Escócia: Rory Lamont; Sean Lamont, Rob Dewey, Andrew Henderson (5, 5, 5), Simon Webster; Chris Paterson (2,2), Mike Blair; Allan Jacobsen, Ross Ford, Euan Murray (5), Nathan Hines, Jim Hamilton, Jason White (capitão), Allister Hogg (5), Simon Taylor.
Entraram: Kelly Brown, Fergus Thomson, Craig Smith, Scott MacLeod, Nikki Walker, Chris Cusiter, Dan Parks (2), Thomson e White.
Irlanda: Geordan Murphy (3); Brian Carney, Brian O'Driscoll (capitão), Gavin Duffy, Tommy Bowe; Paddy Wallace (2, 3, 3), Isaac Boss (5); Bryan Young, Jerry Flannery, Simon Best, Paul O'Connell, Malcolm O'Kelly, Neil Best, Stephen Ferris, Jamie Heaslip.
Entraram: Alan Quinlan, Andrew Trimble (5), Keith Gleeson, Ronan O'Gara, John Hayes, Eoin Reddan, Rory Best.

Inglaterra 15 - França 21

Inglaterra: N. Abdendanon, P. Sackey, J. Noon, M. Catt (c), (J. Wilkinson 78e), J. Lewsey, O. Barkley (3, 3, 3, 3), S. Perry, (A. Gomarshall 49e, 3), L. Dallaglio, J. Worsley, J. Haskell, B. Kay, (M. Corry 56e), S. Shaw, M. Stevens, (P. Vickery 56e), M. Regan, (L. Mears 49e), A. Sheridan.
França: C. Poitrenaud, A. Rougerie, D. Marty, D. Traille, (F. Michalak 56e), V. Clerc, D. Skrela (3, 3), P. Mignoni, (J. Elissalde 43e, 2 3), J. Bonnaire, R. Martin, S. Betsen, (Y. Nyanga 56e), J. Thion, F. Pelous (5), (S. Chabal 56e, 5), J. Poux, (N. Mas 65e), Ibanez (c), (D. Szarzewski 51e), O. Milloud.

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Segundo o António Aguilar Portugal alinhou da seguinte forma:

O nosso 15 forma da seguinte maneira: Andre Silva, Pipas (vice- cap), Juan, Fragateiro, Edu, Palha, Coutinho e Girão, Zé Pinto, Cardoso Pinto, Gama, Portela (cap), Mira, David Mateus e Pipoca. (Banco: Duarte Figueiredo, Spachuk, Rui Cordeiro, Severino, Vasco, Cabral, Foro.)

Dispensados deste jogo: J. Ferreira, Diogo Mateus, Lois, Aguilar, Kiki, João Uva, Malheiro, F. Sousa, G.Uva, Muri.

Lesionados: Marcelo, Penalva e Gustavo Duarte

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Alguém está a conseguir ver o jogo? Ou só começam a dar mais tarde?

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nao ta a dar

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Courtesy of Rugby Canada partner MediaZone, fans can now watch the entire game between Canada Selects and Portugal 'A' online.

Played at Fletcher's Fields in Markham, Ontario, on Saturday, Augsut 11th, the game was a 34 - 18 victory for the Canadians.

Tries from Marco DiGirolamo, Luke Tait and three from DTH van der Merwe were enought to earn the Canadians their first win of the day. Canada defeated British Columbia that same day in Vancouver, 38 - 3.

The Portuguese tourists have another chance when they play Canada on August 18th. The first-ever test between the two nations will be played at Ottawa's Twin Elm Rugby Park.

The online edition of the Canada Selects game is the version provided by Rogers Television, which will also broadcasting the Ottawa test.

The file is rather large (1.2 GB) and takes some time to download or open.

Use the following link:


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já sairam os 30 convocados para o mundial! fpr.pt

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Parabens Foro, Duarte, Girao e Cabral pela convocatoria!!!