quarta-feira, janeiro 14, 2009

Separados à nascença Special Edition

A pedido do Buge, aqui vai uma Special Edition em inglês do nosso Pete...desculpem, mas ainda esta semana terei o tão aguardado gémeo do Afonsini!!!

For all of you that don´t know, Pete´s daddy, Rex George is a big legend of the Bay of Plenty Rugby, home of our dear coach and Jimmy.
Rex is a well known coach in Auckland, having trained his kid, Pete, this year, leading them to the 5th Club Chambionship in a Row. After the game both hugged, cried and got completely wasted on booze...as any good parent would do.
The resemblance is striking and obvious, being that Pete always wanted to be like his daddy, but the problem is that Rex was the most capped player of the Bay but at prop....Pete tried to follow his steps and you can see it on the field...


PS-You owe me one Bouge

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