domingo, maio 15, 2011

Hi Craig!

One year back and the struggle to fit back in to NZ life is just about complete.

Leeann has been working the whole time in the travel industry and I after compleating a 3 month stint with Bay of Plenty Rugby on arriving back am now extreemly busy with my own business in Real Estate sales in Tauranga.

Our children have really enjoyed the lifestyle back here, the wide open green grass fields for rugby, cricket, and courts for Netball and indoor facilities for Volleyball have kept the children all busy. School is all good. They have kept up with their portuguese with a family who have lived in Portugal for 5 years.

We think of the CDUL family often and really enjoyed following the teams this year. Congratulations to the Sub 21's on their win and also all other teams on their representation in the CDUL jersey over the year.

Nuno and Appleton have really taken to the NZ rugby scene. They are playing each week and have also attended the BOP Academy. Nuno looks bigger and stronger, and Apples continues to impress with his footwork and tackle technique. They have fit in well to the Tauranga Sports rugby family. Im sure that on their return they will be able to pass on the information they have to many. The invitation is there to all of you if you want to come out to NZ to play rugby and further your education in the game in the beautiful city of Tauranga.

We would like to take this moment to wish you all a great summer and beach weather. We love and cherish the time in Portugal with the CDUL family and lay out the welcome mat to any that may want to visit NZ.

Craig, Leeann, Savannah, Luke & Brianna

Miss you too and your lovely family, grande abraço & beijinhos

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Anónimo disse...

Craig good to know that everything is going well!

I´m sorry but i dont believe that nuno is stronger and bigger hehe


Anónimo disse...

ahah me neither simas...

Craig, ill buy the flight tickets soon and ill let you know when i want the vip car at the airport...ahah

Say hello to your family for me and hope to see you all in september

Grande abraço!

Anónimo disse...

ah, caupers junior btw...